Play Street comes to Bygrove St and Ricardo St!

Play Street, a road closure allowing children to play and the community to get together, will be held on 25th March. Come along to enjoy activities and performances!

Students at Mayflower, Bygrove and Lansbury Lawrence primary schools have a message to share about the day:


Play Street, 25th March

Road Closure: 2:30pm-5:30pm

Events: 3pm-5:00pm

A Play Street is a short, stewarded road closure outside a school, giving children the chance to enjoy a safe space and for parents and residents to meet and find out more about the benefits for all of limiting traffic at drop-off and pick-up.

In an effort to create a healthier, more liveable street environment, Mayflower, Bygrove and Lansbury Lawrence primary schools are currently working with the charity Sustrans and Tower Hamlets council to encourage a reduction in car use and to make the area around the school safer and cleaner- improving the quality of life for everyone. The schools will be holding their first ever School Play Street in Bygrove Street and a section of Ricardo Road covering the pupils entrance to Lansbury Lawrence (in partnership with Sustrans and Tower Hamlets council) on 25th March, alongside schools all over the country as part of a nationwide effort to raise awareness of air pollution and encourage people to think differently about how they travel to school!

This will not stop residents from having car access to their house. The road closure points will be marshalled by parents, school and/or Sustrans staff. Through traffic and school run traffic will be diverted, but any residents wanting to enter or exit the street will be asked to drive in and out at walking speed, escorted by a volunteer steward. Please note, parents will be responsible for their own children’s safety during the event.

The result we hope will be a great demonstration of the benefits of reducing traffic with as little impact on the residents as possible.

We look forward to Play Street and hope you can along! What to expect:

Play with skipping ropes, chalk drawing on the road and hula hoops.  Poplar Harca and Cycle Confident will be offering parents the chance to try cycling.  The Disco, a static bike which plays music when you pedal will be ran by Sustrans staff.  Lansbury Lawrence choir will be doing a performance as will dancing groups from Bygrove.  There will be Micro scooters available for pupils to have a go on.  Bygrove parent liaison officers will be running a tea and coffee stall for parents. Lansbury Lawrence playground will remain open and we may have more activities to come!

– Alison Litherland, Bike It Plus Officer Tower Hamlets & Barking and Dagenham

For more information contact Alison

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