Juliana and Fit For What Project

Victor, Juliana, Andrew and Joseph are the team that makes Fit For What Project, a local organisation which works to improve people’s wellness through physical personal training, teaching and mentoring.

How did Fit For What begin?

The organisation Fit For What LTD was founded in 2014 by my brother, Victor. He’s a personal trainer, having worked in different gyms and adding his own ethos and style to his training expertise. He found that clients, many from corporate or working backgrounds, found it difficult (sometimes because of perceived lack of time or opportunities) to apply themselves to improve their fitness, mental health and goal setting.

We believe that a holistic approach is the best way to achieve personal improvement, and he wanted his training to incorporate these values. It all started from there. For myself, Andrew and Joseph, whilst our full time jobs are mainly corporate (in finance, sales/marketing), like Victor, fitness has always been a big influence in our lives.  I’ve been coaching sport (mainly basketball) since age 17, officiating from age 19 and we all grew up being involved in sport, health and wellbeing. From this we have learned invaluable lessons on life, including discipline, motivation, mental health awareness and self care to name a few. We wanted to share this knowledge and could see a way to improve health in our local community, and so alongside our 9-5 jobs we decided to start Fit For What Project. We focus on delivering services to networks who work closely within local communities. We have hosted events, training and classes across Tower Hamlets.

What kind of projects have you been involved in?

Our projects and events have aimed to engage the local community, giving them accessible and affordable venues to access health and fitness. Our first big event was during the Spring time last year, we had over 100 people join us at Bow School on exercise mats for an inspiring fitness and mindfulness class. We hosted a similar one this year themed Awaken and Move. We’ve also hosted at the Aberfeldy centre, Linc Centre, and ran early morning Saturday classes at St Nicholas Church. Andrew and Victor have delivered goal setting workshops at sixth form colleges too, and we’ve joined with partners at the WellOne Poplar festival where Victor delivered a live workout. Recently, myself and Victor instructed a Christmas themed mile run for a local primary school to help engage the girls in sport and learn about the benefits of being active. We are also launching a school program, which is focused on preparing students with the life skills needed for a healthy, happy and motivated future.

What advice do you have for people who want to achieve better health and fitness?

Engage things that inspire you. Take things one step at a time. Be mindful of how you are approaching your goals. Be mindful of how you talk to and encourage yourself. People often want to get going but are scared when they see their goals as a mountain rather than a set of smaller steps to success. Or maybe they feel demotivated by unrealistic images and expectations on social media- don’t look at them! No goal right for you is too big, and it’s the small successes, like a mini workout or a 5 minute jog; the gradual improvement, which will challenge you and lead to bigger progress. The 5-10 minute workouts on our site and Word of the Week videos are a great start for getting motivated and moving! 

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